✿ When we Feel 아파요 ✿

Xsemua yg kita inginkan akn tercapai..
Xsemua yg dirancang.. akn Jln dgn lancarnya

Same with Our life,
We hope, we Wish,
we Want, We care,
doesn't mean u are in OK!!

" I Hope we'll be together"
" I Wish we'll be frenz foever"
" I Want u to be SOmebody "
" I Care u like We will never see again"

ade org akn kata mcm tu..
ade yg tidak..
bila dah kata g tu..
akn muncul pulak kata lain..

" I Hope We wouldn't Contact Anymore"
" I Wish that without me you'd be better" 
" I wont u!"
" I care U cause thought u'll like me!! BUt.."

from Married to Divorce
From Friend to enemy
From Someone Become Somebody.
From Happy it become painful
All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.Ralph Waldo Emerson

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